About TitanTask Elections

About Us

Learn more about our secure voting system TitanTask Elections.

100% Security

  • Every election vote has his own unique identity key.
  • We can identify every vote at any time
  • Just like money, this because of the unique  serial number  and security label

Efficiency matters

  • RFID technology just as a backup plan
  • Every vote has a RFID chip inside the paper
  • This makes counting very quickly with very less effort and manpower.
  • Counting an election campaign will take just a few minutes.


  • At all times, we know exactly for each candidate how many votes ( keys ) has been  entered in his favor
  • Live viewing reports
  • With or without Internet connection
  • We still can rely on the RFID technology, by counting the inserted votes with RFID antenna ports
  • If RFID is not working properly, we still have the printed paper on every vote